Wolf Trapping Workshop
Wire Snare for trapping

Paul Trepus has a series of training video/DVDs to teach outdoorsmen the basics of trapping and snaring.

Paul has trapped and radio collared wolves for the government and been hired as a speaker for trapping workshops.

Owner Operator of Inzana Outfitters hunting big game in his exclusive territory in northern British Columbia.

Paul started trapping at age 9 and has run a successful trapping and hunting business for many years.

Paul Trepus – Wolf Trapping Expert

Paul was born and raised in Northern BC where guiding, trapping and ranching were a way of life for most people. Paul started trapping at the age of nine and after graduating from high school, moved north to Pink Mountain on the Alaska Highway where he made a living running a wilderness trap-line for 3 years. Paul’s love and knowledge of the outdoors led him on as he guided for other outfitters in the area and ran his winter trap-lines. Paul married his best friend Marilyn in 1988 and moved to Prince George where he built their log home, worked as a correctional officer for 10 years and bought a registered trap-line.

Paul is a past president of the Prince George Trappers Association and a past director for the BC Trappers Association. Paul is currently a member of the Guide Outfitters Association of BC and the North Central Guide Association.

With his vast experience in trapping and in particular wolf conservation and control, Paul Trepus is in high demand for consulting and educational seminars where he can share his expertise with others.

Some of the seminars/consulting he has done includes:

  • Ran a trapping program for Corrections
  • Presented wolf snaring seminars at the BC Trappers Convention
  • Presented wolf trapping and snaring seminars at the National Trappers Convention (John Day Oregon)
  • Presented wolf trapping and snaring seminars in communities up in the North West Territories. These programs were put on by the ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • Provide out in the field trapline instruction and host trapline adventures.

Please contact Paul Trepus if you are interested in having him speak at an educational conference or hunting event.

Paul Trepus

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