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The Huskemaw scope is built to withstand years of use and provide reliable functionality in all field conditions

Precision machined internal components for precise adjustment and repeatability

Highly functional power ranges for variable field applications and interlocking turret which can be configured to the client.

It is as simple as ranging for distance, dial appropriate yardage and hold for wind as applicable.

BC Dealer for Huskemaw Hunting Optics

Paul has been hunting, guiding and running a trapline for most of his life and has owned and operated his guide outfitting business – Inzana Outfitters for 16 years.

For the past few years, Paul has worked with The Best of the West TV show to produce several hunting shows and was introduced to the Huskemaw Hunting Optics line of products through them. After several year of positive results using the products on several hunts it was a natural fit for him to become an authorized dealer for sales and service in north central British Columbia.

Paul received training in how to setup, mount and calibrate the scopes from Coralane Sports (Canadian Distributor) and The Best of the West Team.

Huskemaw Hunting Optics has the only products that will answer all of your long range hunting needs. They blow away the competition because of their ability to make custom turrets that dial to yards, because of their patent pending built-in wind compensation, their ablility to changeable turrets for loads and conditions, and because Huskemaw Optics have built in range finding in the scope.

What sets Huskemaw apart?

  • True BC build into the turret
  • The turret is marked in yards, not MOA clicks
  • Windage is built into the turret with Huskemaw’s patent pending technology
  • The turret is made custom for your load in your gun
  • Range finding reticle sub-tensions
  • Superior tube strength for rugged durability
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Side parallax adjustment

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