Snaring a Squirrel

Paul has been trapping and snaring fur bearing animals as a registered trapper since he was 9 years old. In his new video “Survival Snaring” Paul shares some techniques that he has learned through the years working in the wilderness, which could be life-saving in a survival situation.

One of the first things demonstrated on the video is how to effectively set a snare to catch a squirrel. Squirrels are quite plentiful in the wilderness and in a survival situation can be a good source of food.

Paul shows you how to identify a likely area by looking for a cache of cones or seeds and then looking around for other signs of squirrel activity. He shows you how to use a pole as a type of ladder to direct the squirrel to easily get to their tree and how to set multiple snares on that pole.

Paul actually shows the exact hands on technique for making a squirrel snare step by step. No tools are needed or special equipment.  Just a roll of thin 20 gauge wire and your hands.

He cautions that there are rules for catching and snaring of fur bearers like squirrels so these techniques should only be used in a survival situation.  Purchase the video to learn more about how to snare squirrels as well as rabbits, grouse and fish in a survival situation.

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